Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Wounded Fairfield soldier 'good to go'

"FAIRFIELD -- An Army soldier from Fairfield told his parents Tuesday via the Internet that he will be 'good to go' soon after being wounded in a mortar attack Sunday in Baghdad. Spc. Brock Denis, 23, a 2003 graduate of Lawrence High School, suffered shrapnel wounds to his leg, ankle, chest and head during an attack on his mess hall in the heart of the Iraqi city, his father, Paul Denis, said. 'He's got some of the shrapnel still in him in his chest, his head -- his left forehead, two inches from his eye,' Paul Denis said Tuesday by telephone from the family's home in Fairfield Center. 'He was in the mess hall and three mortars came in; the third one came through the wall and he was standing there. 'He was standing in line waiting for some eggs.' Paul Denis and his wife Kim said they got a telephone call from their son at 5 a.m. Monday. 'Luckily it was him himself who called us,' Paul Denis said. 'The telephone ID said U.S. government -- they don't call you if it's something good. They call you if it's something bad.' Another soldier from a different battalion was also injured in the attack, but Denis' injuries were the most severe, his mother said."

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