Monday, November 05, 2007

Army Achievement Medal

"The Army Achievement Medal (AAM) was established by the Secretary of the Army on 10 April 1981. The AAM is awarded to any member of the Armed Forces of the United States, or to any member of the Armed Forces of a friendly foreign nation, who while serving in any capacity with the Army in a noncombat area on or after 1 August 1981, distinguished himself or herself by meritorious service or achievement of a lesser degree than required for award of the Army Commendation Medal.
The AAM will not be awarded to general officers. T
he approval authority for the AAM is LTC and above. Subsequent awards are denoted by bronze and silver oak leaf clusters.
Description: A bronze octagonal medal, 1 1/2 inches in diameter, with one angle at the top centered. On the obverse is a design consisting of the elements of the Department of the Army (DA) plaque and the date '1775' at the bottom. On the reverse, in three lines, are the words 'FOR MILITARY ACHIEVEMENT' above a space for inscription and below there are two slips of laurel.

Decoration, set: NSN 8455-01-127-7338 Decoration, regular: NSN 8455-01-128-2438 Decoration, miniature: NSN 8455-01-128-2439 Ribbon: NSN 8455-01-128-2440 Lapel Button: NSN 8455-01-128-1849"

Our congratulations to SSG Cage and PFC Lundy on earning this

Congratulations also go to all the soldiers recently honored at the
battalion award ceremony and to the 2 new E5s, SGT Packer and SGT McCafferty.

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Angie said...

YEAH!!! We are so proud of SSG CAGE and all the other soldiers!!!