Sunday, November 11, 2007

I am that Woman


I'm the woman standing behind you in line at the grocery store, eyeing the newest Support Our Troops magnet. The look on my face is unworried but my thoughts are miles away on some military base I've never seen.

I'm the woman in the next car with the windows rolled up. The radio is playing "My Wish". But you can't hear it because you're talking to a family member or friend on your cell phone. You see the U.S. Armed Forces sticker on the back window of my car but you don't know that by the end of that song I am fighting back tears and missing my baby boy.

I'm the woman who visits the Air Military One Source web site at odd hours of the day and night to find some kind of comfort for that lost feeling that has been a part of my life everyday since my son left for basic training.

I'm the woman who has fought an inner battle, trying to accept the path that the son I love has chosen.

I am the woman who said a tearful "good-bye" to a boy on his way to join the Army.

I am the woman who knows that her boy is now a man.

I am the woman who spends hours on the Internet learning everything she can about the Military and the life that her son has chosen.

I am the woman who finds herself crying and not really knowing why.

I am the woman who looks at the calendar to see how many days must pass before her son comes home on leave.

I'm the woman who swells with pride every time she sees her son standing tall and proud in his uniform.

I am the woman who cried real tears of pride and joy on the day her son graduated.
I'm the one who spots a US Military sticker, license plate, or flag and feels some sort of connection with its owner, knowing that I'm not alone in this bittersweet situation.

I am the woman who carries her cell phone with her everywhere she goes.

I am the woman who is proud every time that cell phone rings and it is her son taking time out of his new life to say "I love you Mom."

I am the woman who tries her hardest to go about her everyday life.

I am the woman secure in the knowledge that she has raised an awesome son.

I am the woman who has found a new relationship with God.

I am the woman who hates going to bed at night while her son is not in his room but rather in a JSS many miles from home.

I am the woman who tries not to miss her son, the woman who tries not to cry whenever she hears his name or even the mention of a soldier.

I am the woman with a new found love for her country and its flag.

I am the woman who now cries when she hears the National Anthem.

I am the woman that is embarrassed that she didn't "get it" until her son took his oath to serve our country.

I am the woman who wears her Blue Star Mother pin with pride…everyday… because her son is in the United States Armed Forces …everyday.

I am the woman with a small red and white banner with a blue star in the middle of her front window.

I am the woman who never wants to cover the blue star with a gold one.

I am the woman who was terrified when her son was sent off to war.

I am many things.

A mother, A wife, A daughter, A sister, A friend

But now, I am also the proud mother of a United States Soldier.

I did not compose this, nor do I know who did. It arrived as an email forward and had several edits and crossovers. I have cleaned up some of the typos and present it here -- because I am that woman.

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lela said...

That Woman is me, as well...and we're not alone. Somehow that comforts me.