Wednesday, March 14, 2007

In Iraq

This morning during a brief chat Dallas IM'd the following statements:

yea, its fun going out doing patrols, working with the Iraqi national police, and the Iraqi army, talking with the locals, finding out whats going on in their neighborhoods, or mulhullahs.

...but the people love us, almost everyone we've talked with, while doing patrols and shit, have thanked us for what we are doing, a couple rather articulately in english

This video seems to fit with that sentiment.


Angie said...

hi. i am trying to figure out what unit you are in. My brother SSG Cage is in 1-504. He is orginally in D company but right now he is with B company. Do you know him?

Mesa Wendy said...

Dallas says:
I do know ssg cage, somewhat, he is the platoon sergeant for AT-3, the
gun truck attachment from delta company, and he is attached to bravo.
I've even done a patrol with them, once or twice.