Friday, March 30, 2007

Deployments cancel All American Weeek - Current Article Page:

A staff report

The 2007 All American Week will be canceled due to 82nd Airborne Division deployments, Fort Bragg officials said Monday.
‘‘All American Week is an integral part of our relationship with paratroopers past and present and their families, and we look forward to celebrating our airborne heritage again in 2008,’’ said Maj. Tom Earnhardt, a division spokesman.
“We are all eager to redeploy the majority of the division in time for next year’s event to celebrate together again.”
The 2003 All American Week was cancelled for the same reason.
The annual event traditionally occurs the week before Memorial Day. Hundreds of veterans visit during the week of events, which include sports competitions and the review, in which the division’s 17,000 troopers march on Pike Field.
It has been a busy year for the 82nd.
About 6,000 paratroopers from the 82nd Airborne’s headquarters and its 4th Brigade Combat Team are in Afghanistan.
The division’s 2nd and 3rd Brigade Combat Teams are in Iraq, and the division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team is scheduled to deploy to Iraq this summer."

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roy said...

Fayetteville Observer ,April 2,2008. Reports that the 2nd Brigade,82ND AIR which was scheduled to return to Ft.Bragg in Sept. won't be back till Jan.2008. They were called back in Dec 06 after serving 6 months. When this tour is done they will be gone a total of just shy of 18 months.God Bless these men. They are tough.