Saturday, February 03, 2007

An update from Company B

Dear Friends and Family of Bravo Company,

Greetings from FOB Loyalty,
Iraq. We hope that this letter finds all of you doing well and in good health. The last three weeks have been incredibly busy, but you would be proud of the great work that your loved ones in the Bravo Company have accomplished. We were happy to get out of Kuwait and begin the journey north to our final destination. Since our arrival, the men have been busy at work in preparation to begin our mission. All Platoons have been training hard, preparing their equipment, and getting ready mentally for the upcoming operations. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Platoons have focused hard on their individual skills as well as getting used to operating out of and with vehicles.
HQ platoon meanwhile has continued to do an outstanding job supporting the company in all aspects. Finally, SSG Jensen needs to be congratulated for reenlisting here at FOB Loyalty. In addition to the platoons mentioned above, we have had the good fortune to have Delta Company’s 3rd AT Platoon, as well as a Reconnaissance Squad from the Battalion Scouts added to our ranks. These are great Paratroopers and are being incorporated in all aspects of Bravo Company. The living conditions at FOB Loyalty are steadily improving as your loved ones are starting to move into converted
apartment buildings. In addition, FOB Loyalty is equipped with an outstanding Mess Hall, Internet Services, and Phone Center. The men are in good spirits and ready to do the job so that we can get home to our loved ones.
You can be sure that you are on our minds and in our prayers constantly.
Please continue to send packages and mail as they are a huge boost to morale and greatly appreciated. We miss you all very much



Anonymous said...

I'm so greatful for this website. I've had very little contact w the soldier I care so much abt and I have trouble finding info on what their lives are like. It comforts me to be able to read about how they are doing. I look forward to new updates. Sincerely - J

willo said...

My boy is in the 3 platoon Delta company that is now attached to Bravo. What a small world that they are there in the same place. Did you get to come to Ft. Bragg to see them off Jan.3rd? I received phone call just this afternoon, it's good to hear his voice and know for now that he is well. Thanks for this website.

Anonymous said...

Good luck guys, sorry I couldn't be there.