Thursday, February 01, 2007

Other Canadians in Iraq

"Chilliwack man fighting with U.S. army in Iraq

Former Chilliwack resident Terry Foster is now serving with the U.S. military in Iraq.

By Robert Freeman
The Progress
Jan 30 2007

Terry Foster, a former Chilliwack resident and infantryman in the Canadian Armed Forces, is now serving with a U.S. Army combat team in Iraq.
“I just like it,” Foster, 36, said about the army life in both countries during a satellite telephone interview Friday. “Knowing what you have to do in the morning ... and being with a group of guys you can count on no matter what, through thick and thin.”
Foster developed a taste for military life after serving for three years with Canada’s special airborne forces. But with the downsizing of the Canadian military in the 1990s, he decided his future lay elsewhere.
He worked at the Canadian Corps of Commissioners for a short time, dealing with security and immigration matters, and was considering a career with the RCMP when he decided it was going to be too hard on his family.
The idea of joining the U.S army was always simmering in the back of his mind, he said.
“It’s always appealed to me ... because the opportunities are outstanding in the U.S.,” he said.
So he enlisted in 2004, knowing full well that deployment to Iraq was a distinct possibility. "

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