Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Soldiers leave Iraqi cities for sweltering tents

"CAMP CARVER, Iraq (AP) — The U.S. military is expanding some rural bases and building others to house thousands of troops displaced by a June deadline to withdraw from Iraq's major cities.
With continual power outages pushing temperatures well above 100 degrees, that can't come soon enough for some soldiers living in sweltering tents at Camp Carver in the small town of Madain, about 15 miles southeast of the capital.
'Can't wait,' said Spc. Oscar Garza, 20, of Port Lavaca, Texas, as he carted his bed frame to newly constructed plywood houses with air conditioners elsewhere on the U.S. base.

Kyser said his unit has moved several times, including most recently from
Baghdad to Madain, since the soldiers deployed with the 82nd Airborne from Fort
Bragg, N.C."

The Associated Press: Soldiers leave Iraqi cities for sweltering tents:

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