Sunday, June 07, 2009


"JSS LOYALTY, Iraq - Joint Security Station Loyalty, formerly known as Forward Operating Base Loyalty, has undergone some restructuring recently.

To make room for the Iraqi National Police, many of the support facilities had to be relocated. During this time of transition, finance Soldiers have been participating in R&R Leave. This has certainly put some strain on the operation. However, Loyalty Finance was still able to achieve record numbers despite being understaffed.

The post-exchange has occupied what used to be the old theater. This theater was hit by a mortar attack in early 2008. The move into the remodeled building took only two weeks. With the help of Soldiers and civilians, the transition was quite smooth. The Chaplain's office and the chapel have followed the PX to the old theater. The Loyalty Finance Office has also joined forces with the Postal Office and now occupies what used to be the postal supply room. The new office is more spacious than the old one and easier to clean. Thanks to the new office being either an old bathroom or a kitchen, no one is certain which, the floors and walls are all tile, and very easy to wipe down. A credit to the finance Soldiers is that the entire office was broken down, moved, and reassembled in one day. Business was closed during the move."


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