Thursday, December 13, 2007

Northern Disclosure:

Northern Disclosure:: A personal account of an Infantry Squad leader in training and combat. Takes place with the train up at Fort Lewis and follows them around the U.S., the desert sands of Kuwait and ends in Mosul, Iraq. SFC Toby J. Nunn is a Canadian Citizen earning his citizenship for the United States of America.

"Sometimes, we get a break in the routine to experience something new or different from what we have been doing and it is so refreshing. The last week I have been living in a small combat outpost along the main route that our guys travel and work on to see things from another perspective and to share information and experiences. I was pleased with the group I got married up with first, SSG Strachan and his squad were a professional group of Paratroopers that brought credit upon their unit and country. They performed their duties with high levels of proficency and were respectful to the local nationals."

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