Saturday, September 08, 2007

Ignacio Bike Week a Success

Pine River Times News Paper - Bayfield Colorado:
Ignacio Bike Week organizers at first were worried, not knowing if bikers would show up for the first rally planned entirely by the volunteer work. But an estimated 33,000 did show up, and then Ignacio was ready for them. “Ignacio Bike Week 2007 was a greater success than we could have ever hoped for,” said Emily Meisner, president of the Ignacio Chamber of Commerce. “This is benefiting our entire county.”"

...Among the 65 vendors who set up booths along Ignacio’s downtown were non-profit groups, including the Blue Star Mothers, which supports members of the armed forces serving in combat with care packages and other reminders of home. Meisner said that Bike Week visitors contributed more than $1,200 to the Blue Star Mothers over the course of the weekend, through a coordinated ride to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Farmington and in donations to the Blue Star Mothers booth during the rally.

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