Monday, September 03, 2007

Congressional members fighting for health care benefits

"Foster never gave up his fight for benefits, even when times were extremely difficult. “I was evicted from my apartment in Ohio and also from a home I rented in Ohio because of garnishments for child support of my daughter, Alicia — who was being raised and lived with me. I continued fighting the VA for the next several years with many days of missed work and trying to maintain a home for my daughter without much income, even though I was working sporadically,” Foster said. His hope is that all veterans who deserve benefits receive them, which keeps him seeking legislation from New York senators and representatives. Foster would like to start his own chapter of the DAV in Westfield.
His family would also like to do more to raise awareness to promises that have been broken to veterans. “My mother and my wife, who are both mothers of servicemen, would like to start a Blue Star Mother's of America Chapter in Chautauqua County because there are many mothers in our county of active duty, reserve, guardsmen and veterans. The mothers of our wonderful county want to change things for our servicemen and servicewomen — now,” Foster said. “They want the promises made to our country's veterans kept because it is all of America's promise.”"

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