Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Local soldier returns home - Grand Junction, Montrose - Weather, News, Sports Local soldier returns home: "

After a 15 month tour in Iraq, a hero returns with a warm welcome from his family. They're thrilled to have their son and brother back home on the Western Slope.

Specialist Antonio Martinez is back for 20 days after serving 15 months in northern Baghdad. This is the first time the army has granted him a leave to visit his family.
Specialist Martinez was part of the 82nd Airborne Unit, one of the first battalions that spearheaded the surge into Iraq.

He's happy to be on American soil and ready to relax.
Martinez's grandmother traveled all the way from Arizona to see him. He'll spend his 20 day vacation at his family's home in Hotchkiss. "

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Fran Martinez said...

my name is Fran and the soldier Antonio Martinez is my brother. =]
glad you posted this for people to see thanks :)