Saturday, March 08, 2008

Easter greetings to the Troops

Mesa Mall sponsored an event for the Blue Star Mothers at the mall this morning. It was the first day of the mall Easter Bunny photo promotion and as a special gift for military families we had an early bird event. With the help of Blue Star Mothers and the VA hospital we rounded up some of our local families for the event.

It started with a continental breakfast and then goodie bags were handed out. After an easter egg hunt, the Easter Bunny arrived and all the kids, big and little, lined up for photos. The mall provided each child with a free 5x7 photo and a disk with the photo on it so they could share the day with their loved one in the combat zone.

Now, in most cases this involved kids sending photos to their absent parent but, as one of the Blue Star Moms involved in the event, I'm doing it the other way around. Here you go kiddo! I did this for you!

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