Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Soldier's Poem to Jack Layton

A Step in the Right Direction: A Soldier's Poem to Jack Layton: "A Soldier's Poem to Jack Layton

Ole Jack Layton ~ Thoughts From A Soldier
written by Josh Forbes, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Dear Jack Layton,

You sit there in your quiet home
No fear is in your heart,
You sleep soundly certain that
It won't be blown apart.

Your children they can go to school
And play out in the park,
They've never seen a bomb explode
Heard air raids in the dark.

They've never seen dead bodies
Piled up on the street,
Your wife, she won't be beaten
Treated like a piece of meat

You are free to form opinions
Read any news print you can see,
You enjoy your rights and privileges
In this country wide and free.

The reason you can live like that
Is because I fight your wars
I fight and push the enemy back
I keep them off our shores."

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