Monday, May 28, 2007

Update from mom

Most of what has been posted here recently is from DOD Press releases or other online sources.

Here are a few notes of PFC Wuff's activities.

  • Top of the list, take note it is now PFC

  • Spent 3 nights and 2 days in the green zone on a pass where he enjoyed "a large theatre, an xbox room, 3 pool tables, 4 large screen tvs to watch movies on, a pool with a 10 meter diving other kick ass things to enjoy. ...and civilian clothing"

  • "It's an FOB but it really is a club med"

  • Managed to shoot a few videos and we are waiting on an upload of those.

  • Comrade and buddy Rob Dembowski was killed on patrol while Wuffy was on leave.

  • The boys had a memorial for him today -- fitting, on Memorial Day

  • not much else to report on other than the boredom

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