Tuesday, December 05, 2006

So Brave Song

This is from another military mom who has a son arriving home from Iraq in 2 weeks. Click on the CD to hear the song and then order from the official web site by clicking on the title above.

"Military Mothers and Supporters of SO BRAVE,

The debut of SO BRAVE on ABC RADIO Station KSFO AM 560 San Francisco took place
today on Melanie Morgan’s Talk Show! Melanie has posted the CD and its link on
the front page of the KSFO Website! http://www.KSFO.com Now, an update on the
inspiration for the song, Jonathan will be returning home in less than 2 weeks!
Just in time to be with me at the scheduled appearance at Ft. Bragg December
15th & 16th. He is coming home in time for Christmas! Thank you all for
emails full of prayers & well wishes for my son and his best friend Brandon
in Baghdad.

Godspeed, Angela Lashley… Jonathan’s Mom"

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angela lashley said...

This is Angela Lashley, mother of US Army soldier Jonathan Wisniewski, the inspiration for SO BRAVE. Thank you for posting information about the song. Jonathan has returned to Iraq this past week...along with many of the 82nd Airborne. To all the mothers who have embraced this song as her own, Godspeed to your soldier. They are all, SO BRAVE. Angela Lashley